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hi, it’s leeza petrov. i’m seventeen and i’m an eleventh grader at phillips academy in andover, masssachusetts.

not to sugarcoat my writing, but this is a blog that i am required to maintain in order to pass english class. nevertheless, i figured out pretty early in my life that reading was an intrinsic part of my identity. i think it was in the third grade when the librarian finally let me check out harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone. i finished the series in two weeks.

writing came later, sometime around seventh or eighth grade when i realized that my fundamental dislike of my identity could be ameliorated with words or pills – writing became a shield, writing became a marker of my evolution. i look back at my poetry and prose from freshman year and recognize my old self. clearer than a mirror, my writing preserves, my writing reflects.

i’m currently in the process of creating a compilation of all my writing since the seventh grade – the working title isĀ The Fear That It Will Happen, The Fear That It Will Not.

then again, we’ll see. leave a message after the tone please.