Hard to say what started
but let’s begin—maybe it’s turning
over to find foreign clothes
when nobody’s been here
but a man I used to know. Horror!
His madness is reflected in a stainless bodkin
is another dagger! He pierces my chest.
Nunnery Nunnery Nunnery Nunnery.
Nothing! I apologize and pick flowers
and wait for a prince who isn’t
coming. Not that simple.
Can’t remake a wedding bed once
it’s been broken. Sometimes sleep.
Frequently sleep
with your dead brother’s wife estranged son’s mother.
Dead man’s fingers! Had I seen blood.
My blood! My blood’s blood!
My missing savior, counselor
There will be no rescue. Father! My haunted bed.
Roses Roses Roses Roses Roses Roses
Forget Forget Forget Forget Forget. With daggers.
A thin string bound and cut and slashed and
torn to pieces and yet I am afloat! Set aside for
a ghost — good or bad I do not know yet he is still a ghost
and I am living and Ophelia and yet more dead than he
Number the losses. My soul counts one
As I am more gone than he,
At least the way my prince treats me so!


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